Learn English with a native speaker

English Lessons

English Lessons

Do you need English lessons in or near Ljubljana? As a native English speaker with several years experience teaching English, I can offer private or group lessons:

Teaching English in an office
Have lessons in your home, office or at a coffee shop in Ljubljana.
Price per teaching hour (45 mins) face to face in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Type Price (Euros) in Ljubljana
Price (Euros) outside Ljubljana
1 to 1
or 2 together
20 euros
25 euros

If you are interested then please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements

Conversational based learning:

Tired of the usual lessons focused on grammar exercises and rule learning?

In my lessons you will learn and practice grammar and vocabulary through conversation.

Through my questions I will guide and correct your language, making it more natural and native-like.

True comprehension comes through use of language, not by mastering rules.

Fluency is not about how much you know, but how much you use a language. (I only know my wife's phone number in Slovene, not my native language, because I only ever hear it spoken by her telling others. To tell someone in English, I need to think harder and translate it!"

Common mistakes occur through repeatedly using the language incorrectly, therefore making the mistakes a habit.

I will break the bad habit by making the correct language a habit.

In my lessons you can:

  • Improve your conversational skills
  • Learn grammar in context
  • Upgrade your reading skills
  • Prepare for Cambridge FCE, CAE or other English exams

Choose between learning with me in person in Ljubljana or online from anywhere in the world. Click the photo above to choose.