English teacher Ian Middleton in search of the Loch Ness Monster
In search of the Loch Ness Monster (No luck so far)

About me

My name is Ian Middleton and I am an English teacher, travel writerphotographer and mythical monster hunter. I have been teaching English as a second language for many years now. As well as my home in the UK, I also have a home in Slovenia, where I live with my Slovene wife and children. I offer English lessons in a variety of formats; in person, online or on holiday.

An English teacher offering English speaking courses with a difference

As a native of England, a travel writer and photographer, I can offer unique short break holidays for learners who want English speaking practice, travellers who want to get better photographs, and people interested in ancient legends.

English Language Students

You will:

  • Speak English the whole time, much more than if you go on holiday there by yourself
  • Learn lots of local expressions
  • Hear and learn different accents
  • Experience the local food, drink and culture.
  • There will be time for sightseeing, shopping and many other activities, making this a fun-filled active way to learn English.

Speak more English than you would if you went on holiday by yourself

While taking a holiday to an English speaking country on your own might mean your get to speak English more often, in reality most people don't speak as much as they could. If you go with friends, you usually speak more among yourselves in your own language. If you go alone, you will still only speak English when necessary. With me you will all speak English on a daily basis as a group, and I will be there to help and encourage you when speaking to others.

Much better than taking a standard English course.

While there are many English courses you can take in England or Ireland, most of them are not much different than the ones you might take in your own country, other than getting a native speaking teacher. And you might get to speak a little English with your host family, and when you are out and about. But my weekend tours will be a much more fun way to learn. You will be out and about, visiting new places, doing a variety of activities, coming into contact with different people and using English in a much more natural, and useful way. All with your teacher there to help you.

Photography enthusiasts

As an experienced photographer, I will also help you get the best photos possible from your trip.

Most people think that it takes a great camera to get great photographs, but this is completely untrue. No matter what camera you have, I will show you some basic techniques and tips on how to understand your camera's limitations and how to get the best from whatever camera you own.

So, if I have aroused your interest, then please read more about my two tours: Jurassic Coast, UK and Mysterious Ireland, and contact me with any questions.

I also offer private lessons and walk and talk courses in Slovenia. Read more here:

Private lessons

Walk and Talk