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Proof reading, writing, editing, rewriting services

"Language is all about communication, and the best communication brings the best results"
"Have all your written work evaluated by a native English speaker."
"Ian Middleton is an experienced writer, publisher, editor and proof reader."

Even well translated work can benefit from proof reading by a native speaker/writer. Your translation company may be doing an excellent job, but does the text read well? Is it too literally translated? Are there minor typos or grammatical errors? Or would you just like the whole thing to be written by a professional native English writer?

My proof reading service looks at spelling, grammar and sentence structure,
and checks for:

  • Spelling Mistakes/typos
  • Bad Grammar
  • Punctuation Errors
  • Unnecessary Repetition
  • Inappropriate Phrasing
  • General Inconsistencies
  • Unclear sentences
  • Direct translation that doesn't make sense in English

Remember, the quality of your work is a reflection of your company and badly written texts and bad translations can:

  • Confuse your customer
  • Cause misunderstanding
  • Damage your company’s image
  • Drive visitors away from your website or literature
  • Convey lack of attention to detail

Accurate, clear and concise communication can:

  • Impress your customer
  • Make sales
  • Help you stand out from the competition
  • Produce higher search-engine rankings for websites
  • Convey care and attention to detail


Text that has been written by a native English speaker and just requires proof reading for spelling, punctuation, typos etc

  • UKĀ£5 per 1000 words

Text translated into English from other languages

  • Basic proof reading, grammatical corrections and some re-writing:
    UK£5 (6 EUR) per 1500 characters (1 page)

  • Complete re-write of all text with proof reading, grammatical corrections and re-writing of any confusing text etc:
    UK£10 (12 EUR) per 1500 characters (1 page)

    (Above prices depends on the quality of the text provided. Upon initial evaluation of the text if more work is needed you will be contacted with a revised price before work proceeds.)
  • A full writing service for all brand new text is available at
    UK£0.15 per word

If you are interested and would like to discuss the matter further, then please feel free to email me

English Language consulting - Price: 25 euro per hour
"Sharp, well-delivered presentations impress your attendees and boosts sales"

Do you have a presentation or speech coming up in English?

If so then my consulting service can help you to deliver this speech efficiently and effectively by:

  • Helping you to write your speech
  • Proof reading and editing your powerpoint presentation or speech
  • Training and pronunciation practice
  • Advice on use of grammar, expressions and suitable vocabulary

Do you need help writing memos, newsletters and other literature?

If you are interested and would like to discuss the matter further, then please feel free to email me

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